Keep in Mind before starting preparation

  • The certification exam is not easy, preparation is time consuming even you experienced java developer.
  • You will feel that you really improved your programming and analytical skills.
  • You will improve your thinking process, how you percieve the problem and how you solve it.
  • You will stand different from the crowd.
  • Certification is your proof that you know java well.

Preparation and Resources

Read K&S book well, understand each line and concept. Don’t care if it takes more time to understand.

  • I read this book 3-4 times thoroughly. On each time i learned something new. This book has quite allot of information.
  • The exam contains questions from all the sections, read outline of each section and prepare accordingly.
  • If you feel you are weak in any of the section, spend more time on it, till you feel comfortable.
  • Do not go to any other resource until you finish reading this book and exercies, that will make you confuse. This book alreay has all the concepts required in this exam.
  • Make some notes of the points that you want to remember, in my case i put points on stickys and i read during my free time in office and on the way coming/back from office.
  • After reading the book, do allot of mock exams.

The resources which i tried for mock questions.

Both resources are good and have quite allot of mock questions.
Do not try mock exams until you don’t read the book thoroughly, that will make yo confuse.

If you get a black belt, then you are good to go for exam, and that is even worth same like OCPJP.

Revise book in last week before exam, do not spend too much time, few hours on each sections. In my case i did it in early mornings, more energy and fresh mind.

Note: If you are just preparing for exam, do not go to any other resource then book, because this book has all the information needed for exam.

About exam

  • Do not read anything the morning when you have the exam. Fresh your mind, drink tea or coffee before exam and go with full of confidance.
  • Forget that if the exam is easy, it is difficult, in my case some of the questions were very easy that i answered in just few seconds. But some of the questions took allot of time to answer.
  • Skip the questions if you don’t comfortable with answer, answer the easiest questions first. After finishing easiest questions comback to the skipped one’s, and answer accordingly.